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Continuous ceramic products and composites for applications at extreme conditions and temperatures (up to 1400 ° C).
Nextel 3M fabrics, ribbons, wires and sheaths meet the thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements maintaining strength and flexibility.
Made out of continuous fibers of polycrystalline metal oxide, these materials have a very low shrinkage and and dimensional stability. They also have excellent resistance to thermal fluctuations and low conductivity. They are not hygroscopic.
Nexel 3M is the ideal product for high temperature, thermal and electrical insulation.

The Nextel 3M can be used in many fields such as:

  • Aeronautics industry, as a thermal insulation for cable coatings, as a key element in fire barriers, insulation of ventilation covers, tie rods, thrust reversers and in engines or as components of aircraft structure;
  • Space industry, as a shield against micrometeorites, as gaskets for doors or, in sewn mattresses, as flexible thermal protections.


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