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Insul.Coib Fire Box® is a textile cover for the passive protection from fire of single components. Very effective against fire, created with different types of custom molded textile covers depending on the elements that need protection. These covers does not require specific tools or specialized personnel to install and they are quick and easy to install and to remove in case of maintenance. A flexible system, designed and produced to improve the passive protection of the critical components inside of the working structures (actuators, valves, conducts, pipes and wirings) while maintaining the working processes for a certain amount of time during a fire. Durable even in critical situations, in contact with aggressive substances, salt, rigid weather conditions and sudden temperature changes. It can be use both inside and outside. These systems are able to meet the most strict chemical/petrochemical industry specifications such as the UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Test and the Jet Fire ISO 22899-1 OTI 95634

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