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Sealing and filling putty suitable for ceramic fibre insulation linings, refractory walling and gas turbine boilers’ Hot Spots. A great solution for fast and targeted repairs.
The Insul.Foam® putty is the best solution for sealing and filling problems in ceramic fiber insulating linings and refractory walling. It quickly fixes the insulating coverings, avoiding the overall degradation and the complete rebuilding of the structure. This putty blocks the heat passage once applied on cuts and cracks by creating a protective layer.
Thanks to Insul.Foam® is possible to perform targeted maintenances or specific operations on structures with low costs and with the dual economic benefit of an inexpensive repair and the subsequent improved system efficiency.

Easy to process and apply, ready-to-use, it is the ideal solution for various applications:

  • Repairing the gas turbine boilers’ Hot Spots
  • Repairing furnaces’ insulating skirts
  • Sealing burners’ muffles
  • Sealing together casting nuzzles and aluminum foundry ducts
  • Sealing dilation joints for refractory wagons

Insul.Foam® is available in the “BIO” version, which uses low bio persistence fibers.

It can be easily and quickly applied- with mechanical cartridge guns, air guns or putty knife- and does not require controlled drying. The maintenance of these products is targeted and low cost.

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