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GC60 Insul.Tape Thermal-Protector®

GC60 Insul.Tape Thermal-Protector® is a multi-layer adhesive film system made of aluminum and polyester specifically designed for the insulation of pipes, ducts and components from industrial and commercial systems. Excellent alternative to the classic metal-cover systems for the internal and external use on ducts and pipes. It can be used on every type of insulating material, including nitrilic rubber, foam glass, calcium silicate, PIR, mineral fiber and Aerogel. These adhesives are durable even in critical situations, in contact with aggressive substances, salt, rigid weather conditions and sudden temperature changes (about 10 years).
Easy to install, and to remove in case of maintenance, mostly because they do not require screws, nails or sealers (since they are self-adhesive), leaving the working space dry.
Application temperature (from -23°C up to 149°C)
Min/Max temperature (from -70°C up to 149°C)

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