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stainless steel metal protection for fluids
metal protection for fluid leakage


JMetal® is a safety device made of AISI316 stainless steel. Quick and easy to install. Ideal for the protection of workers and equipment in case of sudden breakage of the joint seals from pipes and ducts. Thanks to its dual structure composed of an external ring and a dense internal mesh is able to act as a reliable and effective containment barrier against fluid and steam leakages from flange joints. The internal mesh makes this device easy to apply and helps it to delay the fluid leakages (if a pressured gas is leaking it will break and reduce the stream). This product can significantly contribute to the reduction of the industrial accidents and the consequent reduction of the facility costs. It is a very versatile safety device, which can be used where combustibles, gasses, solvent fluids and pressured acids might occur.
JMetal® is available in standard version and in the new JMetal Plus® version, with an additional elastomer seal.
To avoid fluid leakages the seal will prevent the excessive spilling under the piping, allowing the collection of the liquid and the subsequent controlled discharged through a drain nozzle.
It is particularly recommended for the management of hazardous liquids such as acids, basic or saline solutions and corrosive fluids.
These systems are easy to install mostly because they do not require specific tools or specialized personnel, they are easy to remove for future maintenance and they can be used in critical situations where there is a lack of space. Very flexible, designed and produced to facilitate the passive protection of critical components while maintaining the working processes for a certain amount of time during a fire. Durable even in critical situations, in contact with aggressive substances, salt, rigid weather conditions and sudden temperature changes (suitable for ATEX zones).


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