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Silicon Series (Insul.Jacket® made out of Silicon)

Protective elements for flanges and valves, made out of glass fabric with high mechanical and chemical resistant silicon spread. Thanks to their physical and technical specifics, they are able to grant the safeguard and protection of the operating personnel, to contain the fluid leakages and to reduce the running costs of the facilities.
These elements are specifically designed to protect and insulate critical points on piping and components used to convey toxic and corrosive fluids, heated gasses and oils. These systems are easy to install mostly because they do not require specific tools or specialized personnel, they are easy to remove for future maintenance and they can be used in critical situations where there is a lack of space.
Very flexible, designed and produced to facilitate the passive protection of critical components while maintaining the working processes for a certain amount of time during a fire. Durable even in critical situations, in contact with aggressive substances, salt, rigid weather conditions and sudden temperature changes.


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