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thermal insulating jacket
Thermal Insulating Series_1

Four different Insul.Coib® solutions for every need: from the passive protection of the single components to the protection of the entire system. To get more safety and to reduce the running costs of the facilities.


Insul.Coib® materials can be designed and produced according to specific needs, adapted to the sizes and shapes of the structures they are going to be used on.
These systems are easy to install mostly because they do not require specific tools or specialized personnel, they are easy to remove during the next maintenance and their use is suggested in critical situations where there is a lack of space.
Very flexible, designed and produced to facilitate the passive protection of critical components while maintaining the working processes for a certain amount of time during a fire. Durable even in critical situations, in contact with aggressive substances, salt, rigid weather conditions and sudden temperature changes (up to 800°C).

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