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Tapes/ropes/sleeves/braids made of Insul.Tex 1200 and 1400®

A complete array of products made of Insul.Tex 1200 and Insul.Tex 1400 threads. Extremely resistant to high work temperatures (up to 1200°C). These materials meets the thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements by being able to surpass other heatproof materials’ limitations. The low retirement rate makes these fabrics dimensionally stable while maintaining great strength flexibility when exposed to high temperatures, resistant to thermal variations and low conductive. Thanks to their features these fabrics are ideal for the thermal and electrical insulation at high temperatures.
Tapes available in 25/50mm heights
Sleeves available with 1,6/3/6/10/12/25/40/50/63mm diameters
Braids available with 1,5/3/5/8/10mm diameters


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