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Thermal protection system for components and systems.
Four different solutions specific and efficient for every type of need: from the passive protection of the components to the global protection of the system with the aim of ensuring the safety and reducing the management costs of the facilities.

Insul.Coib® Energy Saving: the ANALYSIS-SOLUTION system, professional and specific, designed to eliminate the thermal dispersion’s critical points and to allow the facility to save energy and money.
This system is produced by using thermographic analysis, one of our company most successful services.

Insul.Coib® Fire.Box: a flexible system, designed and produced to improve the passive protection of the critical components inside of the working structures (actuators, valves, conducts, pipes and wirings) while maintaining the working processes for a certain amount of time during a fire. These systems are able to meet the most strict chemical/petrochemical industry specifications such as the UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Test and the Jet Fire ISO 22899-1 OTI 95634.

Insul.Coib® Component: textile covers for the thermal protection of individual special components and full systems. Our technicians’ expertise and the products’ physical properties make of Insul.Coib® an extremely ductile and adaptable textile cover usable on atypical elements like robots and dynamic components.

Insul.Coib®: textile cover for the thermal insulation of industrial systems. Recommended for valves, flanges, tools and tanks. Customizable depending on the client’s requests and necessities. Thanks to its physical and technical features it is able to reduce significantly the facility’s maintaining costs, to contain the thermal dispersions and to improve the personnel’s safety maintaining low costs for the installation process.

These covers can be used in different fields such as engines, turbines, exhaust pipes, piping and compressors.

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