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ITG Company designs, realizes and installs systems and solutions for Industrial Ovens thermal Insulation.

All the materials for Industrial Ovens Insulation are availables in ITG facilities.

The technical ITG staff can design the best custom solution for Industrial Ovens Insulation, satisfying all of your needs.

The ITG Industrial Furnace Products are available in many formats: blankets, boards, modules, bricks, castables, vacuum formed pieces, etc.

The ITG industrial furnaces products can find applications for both new industrial ovens insulation or the maintenance of the existing ones.

Special Industrial Furnace Products - like moldable or cutted insulating materials - are available for Industrial Ovens Insulation.

The Insul.Foam System is an Industrial Furnace Product used for all Industrial Ovens Insulation

Maintenance in wall and roof or on refractory floors.

It is a material particularly suited for Hot Spot reductions in ovens and boilers plants.

For a better safety and a longer duration of Industrial Ovens Insulation, ITG produces and installs special protective refractory cement coatings like Spray-Coat for insualting fibers systems.

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