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The environmental protection is one of our most important issue, in fact we believe it is impossible to work and live without a full comprehention of our habits.
Our aim is to reduce the energy dispersion and to help our costumer in order to obtain tangible economic savings.On this matter Insul.Tecno Group has created Joy Energy Saving, a program specifically designed to guarantee savings, energy optimization of plants and environmental compliance, combining ethics and energy efficiency.
This program has 4 steps:

• Thermographic audit: Thermographic survey and mapping of critical issues.

• Data integration and translation with the TIPCHECK software: the latest generation software according to the EIIF’s (European Industrial Insulation Foundation) parameters to guarantee sustainability and maximum profitability inside the project.

• Installation of Insul.Coib® cover: Insul.Coib® is a protection and a thermal insulation system, equipped with high technological standards. Easy to install and to remove, it can satisfy all safety requirements.

• Measuring and reporting of savings: through the Joy Energy Saving program, international companies have obtained immediate profit margins, lasting over time.

Joy Energy Saving is an ethically and economically indispensible program for a great business performance.
Applicable in many industrial sectors, including aeronautics, food, chemical and naval.

Thanks to the TIPCHECK Software, we are able to integrate and to translate the collected data, according to a saving perspective.

Up to 90% of thermal energy saved
Greater comfort
Maximum security
Quick economical return on investment
Bonus and benefits according to government facilitation
Drastic reduction of CO2 emissions
IMMEDIATE and LONG LASTING earning margins

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