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The industrial thermography is an essential instrument for the maintenance of the industrial machine. Thanks to this tool it is possible to identify flaws and anomalous temperatures.
What are technical anomalies?

  • Thermal dispersions due to insufficient insulation
  • Electrical equipment heating
  • Mechanical heating due to friction
  • Electrical engines and transformers heating
  • Energy dispersion during the Energy Saving evaluation

Our service consists in thermographic surveys, with the help of special equipment and qualified personnel.
The images created by infrared reading are translated into a chromatic scale and are combined with digital images. Through explanatory “reports” it is possible to document the state of the machines and to identify anomalies immediately. This procedure makes it possible to have a precise and efficent maintenance intervention.

Why perform a thermographic survey:

  • It helps focusing on precise intervention points reducing the maintenance time
  • It helps preventing, with a low cost, from expensive system downtimes by providing documentation of the current state of objects and machine
  • It helps improve operational security with reduced risk for the personnel
  • It helps reduce the amount and the danger of faults during the operations of the machines
  • It helps evaluate the potential lifetime of machines/plants and extend it
  • It helps improve the design and the performance of the machines/plants
  • It helps with repairings, containing and reducing the costs

System examples:
Rotary kiln – steel sector – working temperature 1250°C


Boiler’s vault of a flumes collector


  • It is recommended to perform a thermographic survey once or twice a month before the stop/injection activity, in order to know exactly the hot spot situation at that very moment.
  • A thermographic survey every 6 months is necessary to create a case history of the plant status and to keep it monitored
  • It is suggested performing thermographic investigations on valves, pipes, turbine ducts, turbine insulation every 3/4 months in order to eliminate heat losses due to poor insulation: in this way the energy dispersion decreases and the accidental contact points, which can be dangerous for operators, are reduced.

Last but not least, the thermographic control allows to obtain significant economic savings immediately.

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