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The ITG company designs and realizes heat insulation systems and installs solutions for industrial furnaces insulation.

All the materials for industrial furnaces insulation are available in ITG production facilities.

The ITG technical staff is available to project the best solution for Industrial Furnace Insulation.

Our technical staff will be available to install the ITG insulation systems in new Industrial Furnace or for the maintenance of existing Furnace Insulations.

Special moldable or cutted insulating materials are available for new Foundries Insulation installations, while different Insulating materials such as glues, cements and textiles, will find a proper application in Foundries Insulation repair.

Composite materials find new application in Foundries Insulation processes as well.

The typical applications are: channels, pipes, ladles, etc.

For the safety and a longer duration of Industrial Furnace Insulation, ITG produces and installs special protective refractory cement coats like Spray-Coat for insulating fibers systems.

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