Expsansion joints made with special fabrics, suitable for high temperatures up to 1400°C. Flexible, with high resistance to the chemical aggression of the fumes, they allow to effectively absorb and contain the thermal expansion between the two sections of pipes to which they are connected.

Mainly used for the containment of thermal dispersions and any fluid losses, to contain the passage of corrosive atmospheres, reduce vibrations, absorb thermal expansion, and reduce noise. These products can be applied wherever there is the passage of air, hot fumes (air plus volatile substances) and corrosive atmospheres.

The composition of these joints makes them reliable, resistant and long lasting.

Textile compensation Joints – Insul.Flex®

Insul.Flex® textile compensation joints can absorb and contain all of the thermal expansions between the two sections of pipes to which they are connected.

These products are flexible, suitable for high temperatures and have excellent resistance to chemical aggressions. Their use helps the containment of thermal dispersions and any losses of fluids, the containment of corrosive atmospheres, the reduction of vibrations, the absorption of thermal expansion and the attenuation of the noise.

Insul.Flex® textile joints are extremely resistant and long-lasting.

Thanks to a wide range of compensators designed for every type of need, ITG can identify the best possible solution for each type of customer. We take care of the design and construction of the individual joints through 3D drawings and once created, we take care of the installation.

To make the creation of the joints better, we evaluate the installation through analysis, thermal calculations and thermographies of the joints before and after the application.

Joints and bellows can be installed inside heating and air conditioning systems, industrial fans, gas turbines, in fume extraction systems, air and gas purification systems, in incinerators and ovens, etc.

Among the various applications we find different types of industries, including the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry, the electrical industry, and the naval industry.

Expandable bellows

Expandable bellows and compensators with internal metal reinforcements, usable at low and high temperatures (from -160°C up to 300°C). Flexible and impermeable to fluids, they have a wide extension range. Mainly used for the coating of pneumatic pistons in steel mills, for driving machine tools, for furnace curtains and hot process machines and for flue gas ducts.

Made to design, with a round or square section, they can be manufactured using different types of material based on the application and the operating temperature of the system.

They also include a fastening system