Insul Tecno Group offers a wide range of services for specific customer needs.


Industrial thermography is an essential tool for the maintenance of industrial machines, system flaws can be highlighted by finding abnormal temperatures

Industrial furnaces revamping

Twenty years of experience in the installation and maintenance of industrial ovens

Interventons on boilers’ Hot Spot

Insul.Tecno Group has created Insul.Foam®, a tool specifically designed for an effective restoration of the Turbogas Boiler Hot Spots.

Custom designed seals and special components

Insul.Tecno Group has a machining center for the production of shaped elements and the supply of textile and sheet products cut to size.


Program specially designed to guarantee savings, energy optimization of plants and respect for the environment

Laboratory tests

Insul.Tecno Group has sophisticated equipment to test the thermal characteristics of products and insulating systems

Thermo-Acoustic Insulation

A range of products designed for thermo-acoustic insulation and industrial soundproofing