Blankets made with different types of fibers including alumina, ceramic, silica, and glass. Able to cover a wide range of temperatures, densities, thicknesses, and sizes.

Lightweight and flexible, easily moldable, and workable (with cutting machines), they have a low shrinkage coefficient, low thermal accumulation and have a high resistance to thermal shock.

Insul.Frax Mats

Insul.Frax type mats excellent for low biopersistence thermal insulation.

Needled and light, with excellent thermal characteristics and low thermal conductivity, these mats remain stable even at the highest temperatures. They are also resistant to a good number of acids (except for some types).

The versatility of these products allows them to be used in various contexts: from the insulation of ovens to systems for the treatment of metals, up to heat shields and much more.


Alumina blankets produced with SAFFIL type fibers with organic and inorganic binders able to maintain temperature stability, purity, and chemical resistance.

The conformation of these fibers gives the product excellent quality: the mats are soft, flexible, and insulating. Also available in the needle punched version.

Also available in the needle punched version.

They are used as filling for blankets and cavities, offering an excellent response to thermal shocks.