Range of ready-to-use products used as sealants, adhesives, and protective agents suitable for high temperatures up to 1600°C.


Putty used for sealing and filling in the ceramic fiber insulating coatings, refractory walling and in the Hot-spots of the Turbogas Boilers: this product is excellent for quick and targeted repairs.

The Insul.Foam® putty is the most suitable solution for solving all of the problems tied to the sealing and filling of fiber-ceramic insulations and refractory walling coatings. It quickly repairs insulating coatings, avoiding global degradation and complete refurbishment, seals cuts and cracks, avoiding the spread of heat and creating a protective layer that can avoid wear and constant shrinkage.

Easy to handle, to apply and ready-for-use. Thanks to Insul.Foam® it is possible to perform targeted maintenance or specific interventions on the systems, at low costs and with the economic advantage both due to the inexpensive intervention and to the greater efficiency of the system following application.

Insul.Foam® is available in different formats that can vary in density, contents and temperatures of use and is distributed in buckets of different sizes or in cartridges.

Furthermore, the “ECO” or ecological versions are available, which are composed of low biopersistence fibers.

The product can be applied quickly and easily using mechanical cartridge guns, pneumatic guns or by trowel.

Refractory Cements

Ceramic adhesive Cements suitable for application at high temperatures, with a high alumina content, self-curing and with excellent electrical insulation properties. The refractory glues are quick and easy to apply (with spatulas and/or brushes) thanks to their quick drying.

These products are mainly used for bonding ceramics and metals, for laying refractory insulating materials and to block thermocouple tips.

The “KERA” refractory cements are available in three different formats which vary according to the application temperature.

Common qualities that these glues have are the ease and speed of installation which, as specified above, can be applied with simple spatulas or brushes.