Thermo-Acoustic Insulation

A range of products designed for thermo-acoustic insulation and industrial soundproofing. The installation of these systems is aimed at improving working conditions and environmental well-being in the presence of machinery and systems that can generate large amounts of sound and thermal energy.

The sound insulation can lead to an improvement in the quality of work, productivity, and efficiency with a consequent reduction in costs.

Industrial soundproofing has stringent requirements to be met in order to ensure efficient results. Usually for the determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels reference can be made to standards such as UNI EN ISO 3744: 2010.

These standards specify which solutions are most suitable for the insulation of systems based on variants such as, for example, the type of noise (constant, variable, fluctuating, isolated pulses, etc.), the size of the noise source or the position of the noise source (internal, external, overhead, etc.). .). Insul.Tecno Group selects the most suitable materials for the application area, making sure, with checks and tests, that the installation is in line with current regulations.

These custom-made products are the ideal solution for sound insulation in various fields of application, such as:

  • Production lines
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Technical rooms
  • Production departments
  • Industrial installations
  • Test laboratories

These solutions can be used for the thermal-acoustic insulation of a wide range of elements such as:

  • Engines
  • Pumps
  • Reducers
  • Generating sets
  • Cabins, carters, bins
  • Self-contained fans


Depending on the type of installation, the solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation may vary:

  • Flexible insulating systems, custom designed and easy to install and easily removable in case of maintenance.
  • Rigid panel insulation systems, installed by our specialized technicians in the most suitable position for the reduction of dispersions.